Sitecore Move Items from Web Database to Master Database

We know that Sitecore provides us with an option to publish the data from master to web and we also have the option to zip and install the packages on both master and web Databases. But what if you lose some data in the Master DB and you want to restore it from Web Database? Sitecore provides you the option to Move Items from Web Database to Master Database using Transfer Option.

Most of the beginners try Creating the package from web database and try to install it in the Master database. But this solution doesn’t work at all. If you create a package from web then it will always  be installed on the web Database itself and same applies to Master Database.

Sitecore Move Items from Web Database to Master Database

Sitecore has a very good feature to transfer items from one Database to another Database. The easiest and the best way to restore items from web to master is using Transfer items option. Follow the below steps to transfer items from Web Database to Master Database.

Transfer Items from Web to Master Database

In this example, i am transferring the sublayouts item and its children from Web to Master Database.

Step 1: Login to Sitecore desktop mode.

Step 2: Select the source database from where you need to transfer the items. If you want to transfer from Web to Master then select Web Database in the right-hand bottom corner.

Change Database In Sitecore

Step 3: Open the content editor and select the item which you would like to transfer.

Select The Items Which Needs To Be Transferred From Web To Master

Step 4: Right click on the Item and select Copying>>Transfer and click on the transfer button

Transfer Items From Web To Master Using Content Editor

Step 5: In the Transfer window verify if the source item is selected properly or not.

Sitecore Transfer Item Window

Step 6: Click on Next to continue. In this window first thing is to select the destination database to which you need to transfer. The second thing is to select the parent item or the destination folder where you need to place this item. In my case, I need to select Layout because sublayouts are present in the layouts item.

Sitecore Move Items From Web Database To Master Database
Step 7: Click on next, here you will get an option which says include subitems. Select the checkbox if you need to restore the subitems also else uncheck the box to transfer only the selected item.

Transfer Items From One Database To Another Database Sitecore

Step 8: Click on transfer button and it will start the transfer process. Close the dialog box once the transfer is completed.

There is another way of transferring the items from One DB to another DB using the control panel. Go to control panel from the start menu and click on the Database. Select the transfer items to another database link and continue the same process by selecting the source item.

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