Python String capitalize()

Python string capitalize() method will convert the first letter in a string to uppercase and keep the rest of the characters in lowercase. The capitalize() function does not modify the original string and instead returns a string copy.

capitalize() Syntax

The syntax of capitalize() method is:


capitalize() Parameter

The capitalize() function does not take any parameters.

Return Value from capitalize()

The capitalize() function returns a copy of the string with the first character capitalized and all other characters lowercased. It doesn’t modify the original string.

Note: In Python 3.8 onwards, the first character is converted into a title case rather than uppercase. It means that characters like digraphs will only have their first letter capitalized instead of the whole character.

Example: Capitalize a string in Python

# Converts the first character to Uppercase/title case
# keeps rest in lowercase
text1 = "python programming"

# Converts the first character to Uppercase/title case
# keeps rest in lowercase
text2= "pYTHON Is FUN"

# In case of diagraph the first letter is capitalized
text3= "ß"

# In case of non alphabets
text4= "*disclaimer"


Python programming
Python is fun
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