How to remove all content items of language in sitecore using powershell script

The Sitecore PowerShell Extensions module (SPE) provides a robust environment for automating tasks within Sitecore. We can use PowerShell to remove all content items of language in Sitecore without writing any C# code or removing items manually which is a very tedious job and also it will take more time to complete the task.
Let us say you have come across a scenario where you need to remove all content items of language in Sitecore for then doing that manually would be a very tedious task as each and every item needs to be visited and the language version needs to be removed and if the content is more then it will take a lot of time.

The best way to automate this task would be to run a PowerShell script using the PowerShell ISE console in the Sitecore. If you do not have Powershell ISE console you could download the package in the Sitecore marketplace. In the below example lets delete the all the contents of the home item for the “en” language version.

Remove all content items of language in Sitecore using Powershell

$path = "master:\content\home"
@(Get-Item $path) + (Get-ChildItem $path -Recurse) | Remove-ItemLanguage -Language "en"

If we analyze the script the first line has the $path variable which we have to set the item path with the database name, in the line 2 all the items are fetched recursively and the “en” language item is removed for each item.

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